No Dull HUlls!

With our vinyl boat wraps and graphics, you'll never be accused of having a dull hull! We've created some of the brightest, biggest and visually powerful wraps around. Boat Wraps are gaining widespread popularity with anglers, offshore racers, tournament sponsors and leisure boaters alike.

All of our work is custom designed based upon your requirements. We work side by side with you to arrive at a wrap that fits your ideas, preferences and budget. From concept to completion, we ensure that your needs are addressed and your vision is achieved.

Wraps and boat graphics

Wraps are a great way to add some character and uniqueness to your boat and other vehicles. A wrapped boat or vehicle goes way beyond simple lettering; the combination of eye popping colors and graphics creates an unforgettable message. In fact, many people "brand" themselves using a theme or certain design and extend that theme to all of their accessories via a wrap or a "skin" (from trailers, trucks, personal watercraft, cars and even their laptops and iPods). Bay Signs and Graphics will do it all for you! Our experts will help you develop your unique visual brand and then work with you to determine how to best put it to work for you!

An alternative to expensive paint jobs

Even if you don't use your boat or vehicle to advertise, wrapping is a cost effective alternative to paint. An wrap installed on a sound surface will last up to 5 years on a boat, and on a vehicle anywhere from 7-9 years. Consider this: for the cost of one paint job for your hull, you can install multiple wraps! The wrap acts to protect the paint....and, it's removable without residue for up to 4 years.

Keep in mind that with a boat wrap, you aren't limited to just a handful of colors!! In fact, the only real limitation is your imagination! Don't worry...if your imagination is not great, you can utilize ours; we'll help you through the process. How about a red, white and blue hull? Add an eagle? What about stars and stripes? Take a look at some of our copyrighted designs and start thinking about what you might want to wrap your boat in!

a cost effective solution

Floating or rolling advertising is a compelling and an extremely cost effective way to advertise. This type of advertising provides a lower "cost per impression" * which translates into your ability to reach more people economically than through conventional advertising. Want a bigger yield on your advertising dollar? What are you waiting for?

*that's advertising speak for every set of eyes that views your ad